Saturday, May 3, 2008

Susie Hoodie

I finished the capelet and was without a project!

I had in mind to knit up a baby jacket for a workmate who is four and a half months pregnant. I love the Tulip Baby Cardigan by Dream in Color.

I don't think the two colours at the top go well with the others. They are there to make it a girl's jacket but I think I'd rather do it in colours that go better together than just add the obligatory pink. We don't know what the baby is yet. Francesca from Three Bags Full agreed to put together a different kit that includes two other colours at the top. So I was waiting for that.

While I was in the store arranging that I had a look through More Big Girl Knits. It has a couple of dud patterns in it but they are overshadowed by the amount of very pretty ones. Particularly the Susie Hoodie.

Look at the cable! Look at the shaped back! This became my next project. But, I didn't want to pay the price for the yarn called for in the pattern. With a lot of advice from Francesca I chose Cascade Heathers 220. In the mallard colourway, obviously my favourite one because I've used it twice before, though not for a sweater. Only a felted bag.

A little fudging with the gauge - go down a needle size or two then use the next size up in the pattern - I think it'll be fine. I bought the yarn and I just have to swatch a bit, with Francesca's help with the math. Can't wait to start it.

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